23rd Sep
Rice Porridge with Pickled Vegetables

Nurturing Life – Yojo – 養生

Porridge or Steak?: Let’s imagine, it is cold and raining outside; and...

22nd Aug
Dark Chocolate Ice Cream

Have Your Cravings Changed Recently?

You probably have some favourite foods, but “If you are quite particular...

04th Jul
Iced Lemon Water

Summer Heat Weariness, 夏バテ and Intestines

Summer is here.  Even in London the temperature hit 36℃ one day,...

28th Apr

Akebia 木通

木通 (Mokutsu), Akebiae caulis, Akebia, is in full bloom right now. Actions: Extinguishes...

05th Apr
Schoko Muffin

Dieting Programmes That Train Your Intestines In The Kampo Way

(This is for a purpose of guidance only and does not replace...

01st Mar
Weight Loss/Gain

Is Your Dieting Method Working For You?

The basis of losing weight is “Don’t eat more than you use...

01st Feb
Overall Confirmation and Intestinal Confirmation

Are You Jitsu Sho or Kyo Sho?? … and does it matter?

It is important to understand the concept of a person’s overall conformation described by Jitsu...

17th Jan
Warm cooked vegetables

Your Intestines Need Training Too!

From a Kampo point of view, the root cause of overweight and...